Seaweed for sports nutrition

Whether you are a professional athlete, looking to improve your fitness or participating in sport just for the fun of it, good solid nutrition underpins your efforts and results.  Sports nutrition is a huge topic, and requirements differ according to the individual. However, to keep things simple for this blog, we will break down theContinue reading “Seaweed for sports nutrition”

Women in sustainable enterprise…

(Written by Flo) Seaweed Surf Shack CIC is a women-led social enterprise, which myself and my friend Beth started over lockdown. Here we share the stories of the women we have met over the years, who have inspired us to get to this point. Firstly, Kalkidan from Sancho’s in Exeter. I met Kalkidan back atContinue reading “Women in sustainable enterprise…”

Underwater gardens to save the planet

(Written by Flo) I recently watched ‘Seaspiracy’ and it was a brilliant shocking documentary, that got the message ‘Stop eating fish’ across with a punch. And I agree, we do all need to eat a lot less seafood, and industrial fishing needs to stop completely. However, the documentary only lightly touched on the fact thatContinue reading “Underwater gardens to save the planet”

September seaweed exploring and potions

(Written September 2020) From Beth…. When I think of September, I think of the change in seasons, new beginnings and airs of excitement. This particular September the 19th, after months of postponement due to Covid-19, we held our very first workshop.  The workshop was held at Bracelet Bay, a stunning spot with limestone cliffs, pebblyContinue reading “September seaweed exploring and potions”

Let the sea set you free

(Written August 2020) Here at the Seaweed Surf Shack, we love supporting organisations that inspire people to love the ocean, and Surfability is one of them. Surfability is a not-for-profit surf school based at Caswell Bay, which provides surf lessons and experience for people with disabilities. Flo & Jake at the Seaweed Surf Shack volunteerContinue reading “Let the sea set you free”

A conversation with Cae Tan

(June 2020) Sharing stories of sustainability is one of our aims here at Seaweed Surf Shack. Recently we spoke to Tom of Cae Tan. Cae Tan means fire field in English and is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm in the Gower. CSAs are established via community members who sign up and purchase a shareContinue reading “A conversation with Cae Tan”

Looking for free food during lockdown…

(Written April 2020) In the past few weeks of social isolation and lockdown, meals have become one of the most exciting parts of the day. However, whilst isolating we’ve got a bit low on fruit and veg, so have had to get creative with wild garlic in most meals, picked whilst on our daily walks.Continue reading “Looking for free food during lockdown…”

Sharing stories about seaweed, surfing and sustainability…

(Written March 2020) As the rest of the world, I’m social isolating at the moment to protect the lives of those around us and our NHS, which is so needed. However, I imagine many of you like me are imagining the day when you’ll be able to get back into the ocean. The day whereContinue reading “Sharing stories about seaweed, surfing and sustainability…”