Let the sea set you free

(Written August 2020)

Here at the Seaweed Surf Shack, we love supporting organisations that inspire people to love the ocean, and Surfability is one of them. Surfability is a not-for-profit surf school based at Caswell Bay, which provides surf lessons and experience for people with disabilities. Flo & Jake at the Seaweed Surf Shack volunteer with Surfability and can say first hand what an amazing organisation it is:

‘The first time we turned up at Surfability, Ben and the rest of the team greeted me warmly and introduced us to the rest of the volunteers. We got kitted up as the participants arrived, then carried the equipment down to the beach, including a couple of specially adapted tandem boards. Despite it being early spring and a little chilly, the participants were so excited to get into the sea and catch some waves. We all entered the water as a group, and each helped to pull a participant into waves, following instruction from Ben. Some of the participants were already on their way to being pro, standing up with huge smiles on their faces! Since that first session, Jake and I have been volunteering regularly, and have just returned post lock-down to socially distanced sessions. Surfability runs board skills throughout the winter, and surf sessions from spring to autumn. The community they have created is very special, with everyone from all different walks of life getting together to catch some waves and enjoy the ocean.’

If you’d like to learn more or donate to Surfability, check out their website here – http://www.surfabilityukcic.org. 

Or come along to our first beach activity this September, to help raise funds for Surfability whilst we learn about and eat some tasty seaweed. 

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