Seaweed Surf Shack CIC

Exploring sustainable seas through community.

Seaweed Surf Shack CIC is a community interest company born from a love of surfing and the ocean. Our mission is to promote seaweed as a sustainable nutritious food across the UK. We aim to do this by running seaweed, marine conservation and nutrition inspired workshops.

We are linked with Câr-Y-Môr – one of Wales’s first restorative seaweed and shellfish farms, based in Pembrokeshire.

We also support projects that inspire a love of the ocean and create sustainable ocean opportunities.

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Seaweed for sports nutrition

Whether you are a professional athlete, looking to improve your fitness or participating in sport just for the fun of it, good solid nutrition underpins your efforts and results.  Sports nutrition is a huge topic, and requirements differ according to the individual. However, to keep things simple for this blog, we will break down theContinue reading “Seaweed for sports nutrition”